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VahantarocK - Short syllabus

Wax plantcK 2021

VahantarocK was started by three music friends from Ylöjärve in the summer of 2020. The band had been founded a couple of years before, and they had to get to the gig. However, the gig venues were full of applicants, and our still inexperienced band didn't get a chance. It was decided to organize a summer party in our own yard with a concept: Live music, good food and villagers and friends. The concept was functional, but the pallets acting as a performance area were impractical, and the sun pouring down from the sky left an unhealthy tan on the faces of the musicians. However, playing live was such an intoxicating experience that the continuation also followed in the yards of other villagers with the same formula. As the autumn rains turned to snow, I began to draw the outlines of the real performance stage for the project. 5x10m looked small in the snow, but when it was started to be built from wood in the spring, the first WOW effect was achieved.

Lavan rakennus_edited.jpg

Lavan rakennusta 30.5.2021

Kesäbileet 2021_edited.jpg

Lavan avajaiset 3.7.2021

The stage was completed on schedule, and the opening of the new stage was celebrated on July 3, 2021 with a familiar concept. We named this summer party VahantarocK, because we now had a real stage. At the end of a nice day, it was concluded that we had done a lot of work for the hour-long gig. Could the stage and the idea be used for something else? Petri knew players from a few other bands, and after a short round of playing, we had three other performers in addition to our own band and the date was locked. July 24, 2021 would be the first official VahantarocK festival. Jani Koivisto, a well-known acquaintance, was attracted as a sound technician, who has been VahantarocK's sound technician since then. The first VahantarocK was a free event. The audience was 70.


Missä On John Frusciante on esiintynyt jokaisessa VahantarocK:issa. Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Shroudead 24.7.2021

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

VahantarocK 2021 juliste

VahantarocK 2022

After the successful event, the decision to continue was crystal clear, and the date 23 July 2022 was already announced after the last performer in 2021. We started investing in social media marketing immediately after the event. As our own history proves, there are plenty of bands without gigs, and we received a large number of performance applications for next year's festivals. This made us think about the importance of the festival for local bands and live music in general. We felt it was our duty to start investing in activities more professionally. The values of the festival were self-evident to us, but now we had to turn them into words.

  • Only Rock-Music

  • Unique experience for the artists

  • Affordable pricing for the audience

In October 2021, we had eight bands. In practice, this meant that the festival could not be finished by the news of ten. We applied for the necessary noise permits, and reported the incident to the police and rescue authorities. We have taken care of Teosto's permits since the first festival.

We decided to organize festivals with an artist at the center. This means that the artist's experience is always considered first in the preparations. It can be seen in our backstage equipment, software design, and our Hospitality operations. Jussi Asunmaa was named A&R Manager, responsible for the well-being of artists at our festivals.


Missä On John Frusciante 23.7.2022

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

VR 3_edited.jpg

BurnOut Red 23.7.2022

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

VahantarocK 2022 juliste

Taiteilija: Pate Vuorio

As expenses increased, we decided on an entrance fee of €10. A total of approx. 100 tickets were sold at the gate. In addition, we heated a pot pan, which was sold to the public at a bargain price. In order to attract the public to the place, we made a deal with the local Pikku Pete restaurant for serving. We also had other partners: Kaksi Kitaraa shop donated cables to us, and Vahannan Nuorisoseura RY sold sausages. Heracles Valkeakoski was responsible for order supervision.


The festivals were not thought of from a financial point of view, but for the love of live music. The 2022 festivals were self-financed, and the ticket and food sales revenue almost covered the expenses of the orderlies and the sound technician. At this point, performers were playing for free because we simply couldn't afford to pay performance fees.

VR 78_edited.jpg

Coronary 23.7.2022

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

Teknik, sanoi ***** saranasta 23.7.2022

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

VahantarocK 2023

A lot was learned from the summer festivals of 2022. The 3/4 day long rainstorm cut off the crowd, but at the same time taught us to be prepared for natural phenomena. We received good feedback from both the artists and the audience. We were on the right track. I knew in advance that the next summer's band bookings had to start right away. We got a tight roster of performers together in record time. However, applications came through doors and windows. Also ones that you can't refuse. I dared to ask my better half if it would be possible to increase the festivities to two days. The permission came on the condition that an outside entity would be hired for another day for food sales. And so my wife and her friends heated the pot on Friday and Saturday 21-22 July 2023!


Vahannan Rock Yhydtis Ry was founded in the summer of 2022. This was seen as necessary for the development of the festival. The activities started to be run through the association from autumn 2022. Professionalism increased anyway. I had learned to use Adobe Illustrator, but we ended up collaborating with a real graphic artist, EM. He made the posters and advertising materials for us based on the ideas drawn by visual artist Pate Vuorio. 

I was thinking about a slogan for the festival. It should convey the nature of the event in four words. Finland's Largest Backyard Rockfest finally came into use. We will use the name until someone can provably show that they are organizing bigger ones.


Ylöjärven Markkinat 27.5.2023

Kuva: Petri Savola


Tonefest-messut 17.2.2023

Kuva: Petri Savola


VahantarocK 2023 poster

Character art by Pate Vuorio, layout by EM Setälä

Credibility and professionalism are the adjectives we want to use to describe the festival now and in the future. Personal sacrifices have been made for this. We financed the operation out of our own pocket also in 2023. We were e.g. involved in the Tonefest trade fair and Ylöjärvi market promoting the event. Ticket sales were carried out through the shop. In 2023, we also had paid performers. The total budget for the event was almost €15,000. Fortunately, the city of Ylöjärvi has supported our event and we got partners who helped make the event a success.


Our main cooperation partner in 2023 was Musamaailma. Kaksi Kitaraa instrument shop, K-Supermarket Linkki, Katehuolto Hokkanen Oy, M&M Pyörähuolto, Vahannan Nuorisoseura and Pikku Pete, who is in charge of the refreshments, were also involved with a big contribution.

VahantarocK 2023_edited.jpg

Festarialue 22.7.2023

Kuva: Petri Savola


Missä On John Frusciante 22.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

The festival weekend was a success. Almost 250 tickets were sold, and almost 100 kg of pyttipannu. Was it due to good preparation for the rain, but it only rained for an hour during the whole two days. We also succeeded with the artists again. The feedback was laudatory, and many of those who played here have expressed their willingness to play again.

The price of a two-day ticket was €25 this year. As stated in our values, we boycott financial exploitation. It can be seen in the prices of tickets, pyttipannu, refreshments and other products we sell. We also oblige our partners to use moderate prices. This is one of the criteria to be able to sell to us. The main idea here is that as many people as possible would have the opportunity to come and enjoy live music - Come and rock as you are!


Eikö perus hehkulamput enää riitä?

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Silver Bullet 21.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

Turbo Testicles 22.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


4Order 21.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Maria Emilia & Eksyneet Sankarit 22.7.2023

Kuva: AV Ylänne / Joonas Ylänne


Prestige 22.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


MegaSnake 22.7.2023

Kuva: Petri Savola

Crüel Bastards plays Mötley Crüe 21.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

Trio Haudanvakavat 22.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Noumena 21.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Slightly Heavy 21.7.2023

Kuva: AV Ylänne / Joonas Ylänne


Wuohipora 21.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Horsepower 22.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Taiteilijat 22.7.2023

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

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