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Even though we are still a small event organizer, we want to do our part in building a better event industry. We want to be a responsible actor on the scale when it is possible with our resources! On the other hand, due to our small size, we are an agile operator and are able to promise things that bigger festivals cannot.

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  • We will not cancel the event, even if the ticket sales target is not met

  • We boycott financial exploitation

  • We stick to rock music

  • We do not skimp on matters related to safety

  • We listen to the wishes of the audience and our artists in the arrangements

Elma-Live vastuullisuusohjelma

  • Olemme mukana Elma-Liven toteuttamassa vastuullisuusohjelmassa. Käy tutustumassa tavoitteisiimme alla olevasta linkistä:

VahantarocK 2024 vastuullisuusohjelma


Kuva: Markku Rantanen


Food, drink and festival area


  • We prefer local servings- and catering partners

  • We use recyclable disposable dishes and cutlery

  • We sort the waste

  • We have made appropriate rescue, waste management and environmental notifications about the event, and we follow the instructions given in them.

  • We have made an event notification to Teosto and we pay the performance fees on behalf of the artists

Kuva: Petri Savola



  • We pay a reasonable salary to our freelancers and volunteers

  • We organize an orientation for the staff before the day of the event

  • We treat all our employees equally

  • Our staff gets free food and drinks during the festivals

  • Gender, age or skin color do not affect employee selection


Kuva: Markku Rantanen



  • You are welcome at VahantarocK as you are, regardless of gender, skin color or age (note the minimum age limit for the event)

  • Our festival area is a bullying-free zone. We do not accept any form of bullying, harassment or discrimination against the public, staff or our artists. Incidents of disturbance are dealt with by orderlies.

Kuva: Markku Rantanen

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